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Apples for the Mind

Creating emotional balance, peak performance & lifelong wellbeing
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My Story

I didn't make it as a racing driver, so I became a black belt in karate and then a psychologist and professional speaker. Even today, I want to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone to reach more exciting, expanding horizons. More than anything, I get joy out of teaching others how to expand theirs.

My new book Apples for the Mind is the result of years of work helping people to overcome challenges and discover the foundation of their quality of life: wellbeing. The two most misunderstood aspects of wellbeing are psychological skills and the link between wellbeing and performance. In Apples for the Mind, I address these misunderstandings by revealing 20 true things you need to know in order to create emotional balance, peak performance and lifelong wellbeing. 

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The Advertiser (Adelaide) & Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

October 9, 2018

Chater Upgrades
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Healthy Minds

In addition to writing, my day job is being Director of Healthy Minds Education & Training. We are the leading provider of preventive mental health services to schools and companies in Australasia. The Healthy Minds Program was developed at Flinders University but has evolved into a psychological skills training program that has reached and helped thousands of people. To find out more, visit:


I am also a certified IADC Therapist, currently exploring this remarkable therapy for grief and loss. IADC therapy can rapidly and effectively reduce the sadness associated with grief. If you are interested in receiving this therapy from me, either in-person in Adelaide, or via Zoom to anywhere in the world, please visit

I currently hold the position of Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide, and am planning a controlled trial to further enhance our understanding of how IADC Therapy can quickly and effectively relieve deep sadness.

Grief Therapy
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